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Best Electric Shaver for Barber

Your beard… An issue that you are going to deal with practically every day for the rest of your life. And to which we often do not give the importance it deserves. If you do not choose the best electric shaver for your hair type and skin, this daily habit can become hell. The best electric shaver for barbers always gives you a neat and clean smooth shave.

The head movement technology, cutting elements, power, or operating modes are fundamental aspects that will determine your shaving experience and final result.

In this guide, I will clear all your doubts and help you choose the one that best suits you among the best electric shavers on the market.

best electric shaver for barbers

Important Things

Rotary shavers have circular blades that are very effective if you have hairs that grow in different directions. Foil shavers are more effective overall and are the best electric shaver for barbers choice if your beard is even.

If the hair of your beard is hard or thick, you should run away from cheap models, since in these models the blades are of lower quality and will give you jerks. If you have fine hair or a sparse beard, a cheaper model can help you.

If you have delicate skin, it is best to invest in a shaver with a sensitive mode, you may have to make a somewhat larger outlay, but it will “avoid irritation” .

5 Best Electric Shaver for Barbers Reviews

1. Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver - Electric Shaver for Barber

If you have a daily shaving routine, this rotary shaver will come in handy. But for beards older than 3 days, I don’t think it’s the best option. You have to take many passes to remove the hair completely and it is something that will not do you much good if your skin is rough or sensitive. 

With the Xiaomi shaver you can shave wet (with shaving foam) or dry, but wet shaving will never give you a good close, so I do not recommend it. If it is important for you to shave wet or under the shower, you have this version of the Xiaomi that is waterproof.

It is equipped with a head that moves 360º and its blades are made of steel , so they withstand the passage of time well, in addition to the fact that its spare parts are very cheap.

Regarding maintenance, it is very simple, the head is completely disassembled to clean it, so you will spend little time. In addition, although it does not support wet shaving, it is resistant to water and you can wash it under the tap.

There are two small details that differentiate it from other more expensive shavers and that I think are very practical. On the one hand, you can use it with or without a cable . On the other hand, compared to shavers that only have a low charge indicator, this model offers information by percentage on an LED screen , much more useful and reliable.

Its additional features includes its type i.e. it is a Rotary type electric shaver. Its battery life is 60 minutes. You cannot use this shaver under the shower. Its has no Sensitive mode. The accessories includes a USB charger, brush and blade guard.

best electric shaver for barbers

2. Philips 3000 Series - Electric Shaver for Men Face

If you are one of those who shave daily or do not have a very hard beard , the Philips 3000 is a very successful option.

This shaver can be used both wet and dry , weighs little, and is manageable and comfortable thanks to its ergonomic and non-slip handle . In addition, it has the integrated trimmer and it is removed with the push of a button.

The head pivots to fit the contour and the blades are self-sharpening (PowerCut). The hurried one is good if you have little beard but I would not recommend it if you have a dense or hard beard, since it can pull and the experience would not be entirely pleasant.

The Philips 3000 is a good shaver, with a decent battery life although, unlike the Philips 1000 series , it doesn’t allow you to use it while charging . If you want a slightly cheaper option, you can take a look at the 1000 series, although personally I think the 3000 is more worth it, since the 1000 has a worse battery, it cannot be used in the wet and it does not include a bag to carry it.

Its additional features includes its type i.e. it is a Rotary type electric shaver. Its battery life is 60 minutes. You can use this shaver under the shower. Its has no Sensitive mode. The accessories includes a USB charger, brush and blade guard.

best electric shaver for barbers

3. Braun Series 3 Proskin - Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

A fairly complete 3-in-1 model , although it doesn’t have them all. The Braun Series 3 is a beard shaving, trimming and shaping machine. Versatile? Yes, but not equally efficient in all its tasks.

I would only recommend it if you have a thick beard and are going to use it as a tool for daily shaving. Its 3-direction Flex head adapts very well to the face and provides smooth finishes on short hair: a close shave without irritating the skin.

In beards of 2 or 3 days, sometimes it jerks and, although you can use gels or foams , the result is no longer the same. On dry skin, shaving is much better, although it requires several passes.

The trimmer is not integrated into the body of the shaver, but you have to change the head. It is not complicated, but if you are in a hurry it can be a bit annoying.

Do you already have a grown beard? It is a good choice to keep it well groomed. This Series 3 model includes 5 combs to work with hair between 1 and 7 mm . Although the tips are rounded and the touch is pleasant, do not be tempted to use it on other parts of the body: it is specially designed for use on facial hair.

If you are one of those who usually forgets to recharge the shaver or you want unlimited autonomy, maybe you should look at the Series 3 models for dry use only. I miss that it could be used while charging.

If you do not intend to shave, I advise you to get the best beard trimmer you can afford, as it will be much more efficient in this task.

best electric shaver for barbers

4. Panasonic ES-LL41-K503 - Shaver for Men's Face

The Panasonic ES-LL41-K503 can be your ideal shaver if you are one of those who constantly change your look , since this multifunction allows you to shave or, if one day you decide to grow a goatee or mustache, outline and trim.

This best electric shaver for barbers stands out for its system of combs that allow you to cut the hair in 1,2,3 mm and 5,6,7 mm to shape your style changes. But not because it is a multifunction is of poor quality, since it incorporates Japanese steel blades, a linear motor and an intelligent sensor that adapts the power to the amount of hair, all designed to hurry without irritating.

The trimmer for shaping contours or sideburns is integrated in the back and opens at the touch of a button.

It can be used dry and wet , taking advantage of the moment of the shower, it has a very careful aesthetic and weighs very little despite being made of quality and resistant materials. For me, it is a great alternative to the mid-range Philips or Braun. Perhaps a little noisier and with which you need to give a few more passes, although I don’t think it’s a problem either since, thanks to the intelligent sensor that adapts the speed, it doesn’t produces irritation.

best electric shaver for barbers
best electric shaver for barbers

5. Panasonic ES-LV67-A803 - Best Electric Shaver for Men

For a mid-priced shaver, it offers quite a few features. The most distinctive is that it incorporates adaptive technology to obtain more power in the areas with more hair and less in those that are not so demanding.

The Panasonic ES-LV67-A803 has a large head, larger than the average foil shaver in this comparison. This is because it is made up of 5 slightly arched blades , each with its own function: to raise the hair, pre-cut it, modify the direction and leave the face soft and smooth. Well, this alone almost always.

If you want to obtain a perfect finish you will have to insist a bit on the passes . Despite its innovative functions, it seemed to me that it lacks something basic: to speed up the shave a little better. The best electric shaver for barbers like Philips Shaver Series 9000 does better and is similarly priced.

However, it is a ‘but’ that you will see compensated with its fast way of working. It is an ultra-fast technology shaver, with a powerful motor that offers up to 70,000 cutting vibrations per minute.

This should prevent any hair from resisting it, but the truth is that it works best with thin hair . Personally, I was a bit disappointed in the neck and chin, where the hair is harder.

best electric shaver for barbers

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