Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair 2022 – Electric Shaver for Thick Hair

Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

All men shave, more or less after a few days or twice a week. In both cases, having a beard and removing it completely is a must job for every man. For the removal of hair, you can either use manual blades or electric razors.

Electric shavers are gaining more users due to their advantages over manual ones. With less risk of cuts and faster execution, these shavers can use nowadays.

Whether you are a regular user and want to buy a new shaver. Or, if you have not used the one yet. If you want to try this modality, this buying guide helps you to choose the best electric shaver for your skin.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

8 Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair - Reviews 2022

1. Hatteker Mens Beard Trimmer - Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

The best thing that I personally find about the Hatteker shaver is its versatility. With its versatility, you will not only have your favorite beard. But you can also get rid of those uncomfortable hairs, present inside your nose and ears.

The only thing that we like about this shaver is its practical and functional design. A comfortable grip in the hand helps to be able to reach the most difficult parts of your body. For example, like to remove the unwanted hair from the neck. 

If you want to have your beard always ready, these are some key points that help you to achieve a perfect shave.

With high precision, a 3D rotating and floating head is useful to cut the entire hair completely. Furthermore, you can use it in both cases wet and dry. As it is a wet shaver; you can use it under the shower, because of its IPX7 certification.

Its handling is also very intuitive. Like, exchanging heads and pressing the button. The real protagonist of this shaver is a large LED screen.

Moreover, the screen helps you to guide the operating mode like battery level if it’s charging or not. About the cleaning indicator, either block or not. To make it easy to understand, this information displays in colorful graphs.

Its autonomy is around 45 minutes of use, more than enough to perform three or four shaves. The good thing is that you can charge it with the cable and adapter. Or if you go on a trip, leave the adapter at home and power it through a USB, so you can save space.

It is surprising me how many accessories you will find in the box. Not only; the three heads but also a travel bag, protector, cleaning supplies, and cable. An optional adapter for charging is also available in the accessories.

It has its disadvantages, such as not being able to find spare parts, if a head breaks. Its good results include its versatility and attractive price. In case you are looking for something cheap and effective, then this shaver is very useful for you.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

2. Aesfee Rotary Electric Shaver - Electric Shaver for Men's Face

If you want a clipper that adapts well to the contours of the face and neck. As well as any type of beard length, I recommend the Aesfee may be what you are looking for. And is that it is a rotary type and has 3 3D floating heads to achieve correct results.

For a better shaving experience, we recommend the use of shaving gel or foam. Of course, for a very close finish in more difficult areas, we recommend that you can use a traditional blade.

Its autonomy is not bad, since it takes approximately 1-hour runtime. You will have to spend the same time to charge it. Of course, it does not have a fast charge. So, you must take into account that its cable is USB (so if you want to plug it in, you will have to find an adapter).

It will come up with a pop-up trimmer to shape mustache and sideburn areas.

Some accessories that we have found interesting are the cleaning brush. Although; it rinses with water, and also a travel bag.

We have found its travel lock feature useful. It activates by pressing the on/off switch for 3 seconds. Thus, preventing it from pressing and the machine from starting to work.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

3. SweetLF Rotary Electric Shaver - Beard Men Electric Shavers

The SweetLF rotary razor I would suggest for the smooth contours of the face and neck. During shaving along with its 3 flexible heads that move in 5 directions.

We like that, the blades of high-quality steel can shave thick beards. Thanks to their 12.5º angle that guides the coarse hairs to the best cutting position. Regardless of their length or whether they are close to the skin.

But we must recognize that when using it with a beard of several days. It has given us the occasional pull, so we would recommend it with shorter hairs.

Its great autonomy of 120 minutes charges in 1 hour. A point that is very much in its favor. On its LED screen you can see the amount of charge that it still has left. Of course, although it includes a USB charger cable, it does not have a plug and you will have to find one.

We liked that it is quiet even though the engine runs at 2,800 RPM.

Another accessory is the pop-up trimmer, suitable for trimming the mustache and sideburns.

If you travel to other countries, you will like to know that it has an adjustable voltage between 100 and 240 volts. It also includes a practical carrying bag.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

4. Philips Shaver 5000 S5579/50 - Shaver for Men's Neck

The Philips Shaver 5000 S5579/50 electric shaver is a rotary shaver I like the most. It has 3 multi-precision rounded-profile blade heads. That respect the skin to lift and cut even the shortest beard hairs in a few strokes.

The contact with the skin gets close. It has 5 independent movements of the heads, which allows a faster and closer shave in areas such as the neck and jaw.

With its 360-degree flexible head allows it to adapt to facial contours for a better finish. It comes with a precision trimmer to give the mustache and sideburns a final touch.

We find its Wet & Dry function interesting, which allows both dry and wet shaving. The dry option will be useful for a quick and last-minute shave. But, the wet option will serve you whether you want to shave with gel or foam or use it in the shower.

The autonomy of the lithium-ion battery lasts 60 minutes. Especially like that; it has fast charging, which after 5 minutes, will allow you to do a complete cut. Of course, it only works without cable and you will not be able to use it while it is plug-in charging.

It has a useful LED screen that tells you when to clean it. Moreover; it also has a travel lock, head replacement, one-level battery, and a low battery.

But it seems to us that its power is somewhat scarce, especially while having coarse hair.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair
Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

5. Panasonic ES-RT67-S503 Electric Shaver - Electric Shavers for Men's Beard

Panasonic ES-RT67-S503 shaver achieves a close shave to its triple blade cutting system. Along with an angle of 30º and nanometric polishing.

It adapts to the different areas of the face and neck with the circular shape of the outer blades. Even under the chin, which is where it is most difficult to access.

It includes a trimmer whose blades have an angle of 45º. It guarantees a fast and precise cut in the mustache and sideburns areas.

Although the machine can be dry, with water or shaving foam. After trying it, the results are better when using it with foam. As several passes needs, this can be more, especially with closed beards.

The lithium-ion battery, with a range of 54 minutes and a full charge time of 1 hour. The machine has 5 levels of LED indicator to know how much the charge is lefts.

We are not convinced by its noise, although it is not so loud. It is somewhat annoying when you have to use it for a long time.

Also to the machine, the box contains a cleaning brush. This brush is useful for when you release the head and a travel bag. Of course, it does not include spare parts. And they are somewhat expensive, although of good quality.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

6. Braun Series 7 70-B1200s - Best Shaver for Close Shave

The latest and most famous electric shaver was launched by the company Braun and our favorite top model on this list is Braun Series 7 70-B1200s. This foil shaver has 3 cutting elements that, together with its 360º Flex head. This shaves the areas that are more difficult to access, such as the neck.

Besides, its AutoSense technology allows it to adapt to the density of the beard. By applying more power in the areas of coarse hair and denser beard.

Get a good close but in our opinion, the best results are achieved when the beard is, at most, two days old. In the neck area, which is one of the most complicated, you will need the help of the blades when the beard is longer.

It includes a useful attachment for sideburns and mustache. Also, capable of trimming hair from 0.5mm to 7mm in length.

The ergonomic handle that I feel makes the machine easy to operate as you only need to make a one-way movement.

The battery is lithium-ion and its charge capacity is for 50 minutes of use. It can charge in 5 minutes, which is enough for one shave.

Besides, the shaver and precision trimmer, we like the pack includes a charger, brush, and a travel case. And if you are looking for a cleaning center. Although it is not included, you can buy it as well.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

7. Panasonic ES-LV67-A803 - Electric Shaver for Men

Panasonic ES-LV67-A803 is an electric foil shaver with 5 cutting elements in the head.

The beard changes according to the area of the face and neck, thus the shaving power must change.

This is what this Panasonic achieves with its beard sensor. This detects the density of the beard up to 220 times per second and adjusts the power of the motor 14 times per second.

The 5 shaving foils have different designs to cut all types of hair: 

The central performs an improved precut of long hairs.

These long hairs give a closer cut with two end blades.

Also, the inner blades have a 30º angle to better cut the coarse hair from the root.

The head of this shaver moves in 16 directions. So it adapts to all face and neck surfaces, reducing the number of passes to achieve a close shave.

This razor has a built-in trimmer for trimming mustaches, sideburns, and beard shaping. Also, we liked that it can use to shave the head.

The box also comes with a travel bag I also get the box, which finds very useful to carry the machine. Especially when you leave home and want to continue taking care of your beard.

The battery is lithium-ion and with 1 hour of charging it achieves 45 minutes of autonomy. Although it is not one of the most extensive. But it will allow you to shave without having to worry and always with the same power.

Considering its price, the instruction manual indicates a battery life of 3 years.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair

8. Philips 9000 Series S9711/32 - Electric Shaver for Men's Shaver

High-end rotary shavers get efficient in shaving in this Philips Series 9000 S9711/32.

Its V-track Precision PRO blades place the coarse hair in the best cutting position. Even in beards of 1 to 3 days and short hairs or close to the skin. Thus, it provides a closer cut in fewer passes compared to previous versions.

Also, the heads can move in 8 directions. It adapts better to the contours of the face and neck, it collects more hair in each pass.

It has several options that allow you to customize your shave quite a bit. From the useful trimmer that it includes, with which you can shape your beard. Although it does not include a sideburn trimmer. It has 3 modes for shaving sensitive, normal and fast.

Its digital interface provides useful information such as the remaining battery. Or if it is low when to change the head and a travel lock.

Besides the machine, it includes the cleaning station. This cleaning station helps to clean, lubricate, dry, and load the shaver more.

If you usually shave once a week, you better go for the Philips 9000 Series Prestige SP9860/16. As it works well on beards up to 7 days old.

Best Electric Shaver for Coarse Hair


What is the best shaver for coarse hair?

We recommend the Braun Series 7 70-B1200s as the best electric shaver for coarse hair.

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