Braun 790cc-6

Braun 790cc-6

The Braun 799cc is probably the best shaver the company has produced yet. Considering their long history of excellent products, that’s quite a statement. But it’s not hard to provide some compelling reasons to believe it.


Basic Design


The Braun 799cc is the latest update to a venerable line of electric shavers. Also known as the 797cc (an exclusive SKU for Target only) or 799cc-6, it has much in common with several other also very good models from the Series 7 line like the 790cc and 760cc.

Whatever you call it, I call it the perfect size. But then, my hands are large. Like the earlier shavers, it sits in the hand comfortably, provided your hands are not too small. This manly unit is not for ladies, nor those with super small fingers.


Head & Foil System

For those who would rather skip the long version just watch the video below to get Braun’s Series 7 shaving technology summarized in under 3 minutes.

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It carries the usual Braun head. It looks a little like an advanced spaceship but less so than some of the Panasonic models, which is larger. No matter the metaphor, that shape has an important function. It lets you get at all the hairs under the neck and around the jawline without a struggle.

If you prefer, you can lock the thing at an angle so it doesn’t pivot dynamically. Most of the time, you’ll want to let the head move freely to get under the chin well.


The individual foil tilt helps, too. You can see this in action by pressing down on a foil to the left or right. They move independently and really dip quite a lot. Here, I prefer the Panasonic design by a slight margin, but there’s no denying the Braun really does the job superbly.

That great performance is in large part the result of something the company calls ActiveLift. Marketing buzzwords aside, that technology helps raise hairs that lie flat, like those pesky ones along the throat on each side of your Adam’s apple.

Last, there’s the company’s OptiFoil design. This pattern of holes helps get short, medium, or long hairs in a single swipe with equal ease. It may be no better than Panasonic’s; it would be hard to measure objectively. But “no better than”, in this case, is a pointless comparison. It’s excellent, period.

The whole thing is driven by Braun’s 10,000 cycle motor. True, here again that number may not be the highest speed on the market. But it’s plenty fast enough, especially given Braun’s vaunted super-sharp blades. They’ve really earned their reputation on that score. Not for nothing do we have the metaphor “razor sharp”, and that’s the situation here. These things are almost the equal of a manual shaver.

For those who really want, or need, to tailor their shave just so… the 799cc has three settings: Extra Sensitive, Normal, and Intensive.  


They do much what the names suggest. For those guys with the toughest beards, you’ll probably set it to Intensive and leave it there permanently.

Wet Shaving Ability

All that is standard with a Series 7 razor. The 799cc distinguishes itself by adding wet shaving to the mix. The other Series 7 shavers don’t have this wet shaving ability.

Every guy has his own style. But I almost always wet shave, even with an electric. Sure, if you’re on your way to a meeting and you’re running late you’ll probably do it dry. I do. But most of the time, I prefer shaving wet.

Whether you opt for a pre-shave liquid or a gel, or just water in the shower, this is the way to get the job done best. At least, that’s true if you want the closest possible shave with minimal razor burn. And there are also the nice added benefits: complete protection around water for your electric shaver and easy cleanup.

Cleaning & Charging

Speaking of easy cleanup, the 799cc also comes with Braun’s well-reputed Clean & Renew maintenance system which also serves as a charging station. Like all of these compact units, they have their pros and cons. In this case, the pros far outweigh the cons, in my view.


The cons are fairly obvious. You have to change the cleaning cartridge after every few uses. That adds to the operational cost of the shaver.

Still, if you’re judicious, it doesn’t have to add a lot. Not only are bulk purchases of replacements cheap on Amazon, you can stretch out the fluid. Just clean it in the holder once per week instead of after every use. Another advantage of the wet shaving feature.

The other downside is pretty minor for most guys: you have to find room on the counter. Luckily, my wife is pretty generous with the bathroom counterspace. It helped when I bought her a makeup holding kit 🙂

The pros are numerous. The most obvious is how easy it is to do. You put the 799cc upside down into the holder, press a button, and walk away. An hour (or less) later and it’s ready for use again. For those in a hurry, there’s a FastClean setting that will do the job to a decent degree in 25 seconds.

Usually, an hour is about right, since it can recharge from zero to full in about 50 minutes. The exact time depends on just how empty “zero” really is. It can alternately be charged using just a cord. Handy if you’re on a business trip and don’t want to take the cleaning system along.

There’s also a quick charge setting that will bring the thing up to snuff enough for about one shave in five minutes. The indicator on the front shows the battery level clearly. The Automatic Voltage Adaptation feature is also nice; it automatically adjusts to different voltages in different countries. Great for international traveler types.

The Braun system uses alcohol and lemon, rather than the proprietary detergent and water solution of the Panasonic. Deciding which is better would get us into a long debate. Suffice to say, this one cleans and disinfects, and smells good besides. That’s what you want in an electric shaver cleaning system.

Like any of these auto-cleaning systems, after that it lubricates and dries the shaver.



The Braun 799cc takes the best of the company’s product and makes it better by adding wet shaving ability. That’s like taking a star quarterback and clearing the field for him. The results are an easy winning score.


Image of Braun Series 7 799cc-6WD CC4 Wet and Dry Shaver 1.4 Pound


Braun 790cc-4

Braun 790cc-4

Not everyone is an “electric shaver guy”. I respect that. But if you are, or are thinking of becoming one, it would be hard to beat the Braun 790cc shaver (790cc-4).


Basic Design


Electric shavers in general, and the Braun in particular, have become so good it’s almost foolish to discuss their basic features. But here goes.

The 790cc, like many predecessors, feels good in the hand. No, I’ll go farther and say this one feels better. It’s solid but not too heavy. 

Granted that’s a subjective issue, but an electric shaver that’s too light feels, to me, too hard to control. I like something with a little heft. 

That being said, this Series 7 shaver is far from massive. Just right, I’d say. It’s slimmer than past models and the grip has a rubber-like section that makes it easy to hold even when wet.


Better still, the body is gently curved, a slight banana shape that continues to the head. That lets it get at the face without you having to bend at the waist continually. That’s a very welcome feature for anyone but especially those who are getting a little older or have back trouble.

Beyond the basics, the Series 7 features a few things to cheer about. If, like me, you’re the sort to cheer about electric shaver features. It may be something of an exaggeration to call them “innovations” but I really like the new controls. Sometimes, subtle changes make a big difference in usability.

For example, the slider switch of the older model has been replaced with a power button that’s actually a button. Hallelujah! Maybe it’s just personal taste but this really fits mine.

The pop-up trimmer now pops out and away from the unit. It has a narrow cutting width, which is just right for me. For you, it may be a little small, but I have a big head (or so my wife says) and I like to get very exact. I won’t tell you what she says about that habit.

The surface is a bit curved so it did take some getting used to. But, once mastered, it’s a lot easier to use to get a precise trim of the sideburns, neckline, and above the mustache.

I’m also very fond of the little slider switch that locks the pivoting head at a particular angle. Some people like to float and others enjoy the feeling of solidity from a stationary head. Now you can have your choice.

Series 7 Shaving Technology

For those who would rather skip the long version just watch the video below to get Braun’s Series 7 shaving technology summarized in under 3 minutes.

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All the usual Braun features are here as well. OptiFoil is really more than just a marketing buzzword. I’m no expert on shaver engineering – though it’s obvious Braun employs some – but this thing really does work. It just picks up more hair thanks to ergonomically sized holes.


The ActiveLift system, another slightly silly name, is even better – at least in my case (and I suspect in yours, too). It lifts up hair that lies flat, like the stuff at the base of my neck, and clips it very nicely. Thank you, Braun. That was my biggest annoyance about electrics for a long time. No longer.

One feature that definitely does deserve the term “innovation” is something Braun calls “Pulsonic Technology”. Again with a dubious marketing name, but in this case it’s fairly accurate. All electric shavers buzz, of course. But this one does so 10,000 times a minute.

According to the theory, it creates little ripples that aid the 790cc’s ability to clip hairs that otherwise wouldn’t stand up perfectly. It really does help give you a closer shave. That’s not theory talking. That’s experience.

The 790cc also has a switch that lets you select any of three shaving “styles”: Extra Sensitive, Normal, and Intensive. I don’t personally notice a big difference whichever mode I choose, but you might.

And there’s a warning indicator on the stand that flashes after 18 months to remind you to replace the foil and blade. Hey, even electric shavers have to have new blades sometime.


Clean & Renew System

Braun has had cleaning systems for several years now but this latest incarnation seems better than even the former very good ones. The base houses a charger and a cleaning solution cartridge space, with appropriate indicators. We’ll take a look at the cleaner first.


Others may prefer the Panasonic design, a fine system no doubt. I personally think the Braun system is so easy to use and so effective I have to give it highest marks.

You place the shaver upside down into the base, tap a button, and walk away.

There’s a light to tell you when the cleaning cycle is complete, which typically takes about 45 minutes. I just wish you didn’t have to press the big “Start” button after the unit has sat idle for 10 minutes to see that status. When the cleaning cycle is done the mechanism shuts itself off.

However, there’s also a Fast Clean option that will get the job done in ten minutes, if you’re really in a hurry to clean it using the system. Frankly, I would just open it up and rinse it off if that were the case. The body is perfectly sealed so there’s no risk of damage. But it’s there if you want it.

The cleaning fluid isn’t actually anything extraordinary. There aren’t any complex chemicals in here, just some denatured alcohol, lemon scent, and a bit of silicone lubricant.

But the clever folks at Braun have figured out how to loosen all the stubble, let it flow into the cleaning cartridge, kill bacteria and freshen things up, and oil the blade all at the same time. That’s pretty keen, at least from the perspective of this technophile and shaver enthusiast.

The one potential downside is the cost of the cartridges. One of the reasons people use an electric is to get away from the need to buy new shaving stuff every month. “Give away the razor, sell them blades” is the marketing call of every manual shaver maker since Gillette’s production of the safety razor. Buying cleaning cartridges tends to undercut the benefit of an electric.

On the other hand, you don’t absolutely HAVE to replace the cleaning cartridge. You can just remove the foil and brush off the blades in the traditional way. That said, the Clean & Renew cartridges are only about $20 per year when you buy in bulk. And, you can use tricks to make the cartridge last longer like resealing it between uses to cut down evaporation.



The charger system and internal battery are one of my favorite features of the Braun 7 series.

The Li-Ion battery has no memory effect so you don’t have to let it go down to zero before recharging. Better still, it charges from zero to full in an hour. Best of all, if the juice is too low you can just charge for a few minutes and still get one shave’s worth of power.

Beyond that, I’m very pleased with some of the changes from the older model. The charge system now is more than just green/red; 6 battery segments on the shaver display show the charge status. Especially handy if you’re on a trip and need to know how much juice you have left. If you forgot the charger you can decide whether you have to skip a shave to get one last one before that important meeting.


The Braun 790cc is so well made, and so effective, it’s hard for me to see how they could improve it substantially. No doubt Braun does and their engineers must be working on the next version right now. Until then, this model is as good as it gets – and that’s very good indeed.


Image of Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc-4

Braun CoolTec CT5cc

Braun CoolTec CT5cc


Basic Design


The appearance of the Braun CoolTec CT5cc is a little deceptive. It looks at first blush like a low-key variation on any of a dozen other models. But this electric shaver is Braun all the way through – innovative, durable, and highly functional.

The CoolTec CT5cc is in fact like many other shavers from Braun, especially a Series 3. With it and the rest of the CoolTec line the company shows again why it remains in the top tier. It does everything you’ve come to expect from them, and equally as well, adds something new.

That new feature is signaled clearly by the name, but let’s hold off for a few minutes on detailing what CoolTec is all about. After all, if the basics don’t work well, this interesting new feature isn’t going to be worth much.

3-Stage Cutting System

At the heart of any electric shaver is the cutting system. That’s where the action is, so to speak. In this case, that action is carried out by a triple action cutting system with components that move independently.

The result is an improved ability to hug facial contours. That’s a big advantage to a guy like me. I’m saddled with a somewhat unusual blend of sharp angles and round corners. On someone with a more average face, the results will be even better.


That close contour hug is achieved in two ways. The 2 individual blade/foil sections float. And there’s an interesting, wave-like cutter foil down the center.

It’s designed to help lift flat-lying hairs, and moves back and forth 130 times a second. To work well, though, that system has to be implemented by good blades.

Luckily, as with many other models in Braun collections, the CT5cc houses super sharp, highly durable steel. That cutting ability is enhanced by something their marketing department decided to call SensoBlade.

Granted, it’s a buzzword but it actually does something neat in this instance: account for real-world whisker growth patterns. Most guys have neck hair that goes one way, cheek hair another, and often some that goes every which way in either area. This feature allows the CT5cc to capture it no matter how the hair grows. Cool.

CoolTec Technology

Now, for the pièce de résistance, as the French say – the most remarkable feature: CoolTec. True, it’s another marketing buzzword but, like the other one, it really does have a function. It actually cools your skin as the shaving head travels over it.


That sounds like marketing hype if I ever heard it but, amazingly, it really works as advertised.

An aluminum cooling strip integrated into the shaver head (next to the center trimmer) and technology they call Thermo Electric Cooling (an acronym that forms the “tec” in Cooltec) work together to draw heat away from your skin during shaving.

The idea is really simple at bottom. It’s been in use in all kinds of applications for decades. Take a piece of heat conductive metal and use it as a “bridge” to shuttle heat from one place where you don’t want it to another where you don’t mind. The heat sink under your computer’s processor works somewhat like that.

Complicated science aside, real-world use shows it does the job well. Thermal imaging techniques can demonstrate visually how well but they’re not needed. Just feel your skin afterward. Reduced irritation, lack of that common burning sensation, and overall a more pleasant shaving experience. Thank you, Braun.


However, there is one potential drawback to this technology. The CT5cc, like any other CoolTec electric shaver, is designed to be used dry. 

No cream, no lotion, no water. For sure, you can use it in the shower. It’s a fully-sealed Wet & Dry shaver, in that sense. And it will work with electric shaving aids. But for best results Braun suggests foregoing them, and I agree.

The head can certainly withstand being rinsed. The cleaning system, which we’ll get to in a minute, clearly does that or you can just use water from the faucet. But the shave itself should be done without any assist.

Personally, that’s not how I use my electric and it may not be your shaving style, either. If you’re looking for reduced skin irritation, and who isn’t?, this could be the way to go. But if you’re a committed wet shaver you’ll want to think twice.


Cleaning & Charging System

Speaking of the cleaning system used with the CT5cc, you’ll be happy to learn it works basically the same, and as well, as any other Braun shaver. You just plop it into the shell upside down and press the button to clean. Charging starts automatically when inserted.

However, though it may work the same, it is new and designed to work with the CTxcc line. It’s not a universal cleaner or charger for just any old Braun shaver. It uses an alcohol-based cleaning cartridge much like other collections.

Cartridges mean an added expense, natch. One lasts about 30 cleanings. You can reduce that cost by rinsing occasionally rather than using the cleaner. Keep in mind, though, that water alone won’t get rid of all the residue. In particular, it performs no anti-bacterial function beyond what mechanical action from the flow will.

To explain, washing your hands helps reduce the spread of germs, true. But that’s in large part because the soap, even when not anti-bacterial, reduces surface tension. The water then easily pushes the germs off mechanically. Here, the alcohol inside the cartridge helps increase hygiene. The other compounds in the solution performs the equivalent function of liquid hand soap. The solution also lubricates the blade assembly.

One nifty aspect of the system is something you can’t even see. At the base of the cleaner cartridge there’s a little grid. That allows hairs vibrated loose to fall to the bottom. That optimizes the cleaning system and keeps cleanser “pollution-free” longer.

And, like many Braun models, this station will charge the shaver while it’s sitting in the holder, whether actively cleaning or not. Nothing special in this respect, though. It still takes about an hour to top it up from zero. It will then provide about 45 minutes of shaving time.

There is a quick charge feature, though. A 5-minute session will add enough juice for one brief shave. That’s handy if you’re rushing off to an appointment and find you’ve forgotten to charge your shaver.


The CoolTec CT5cc carries the highest number of the line but that doesn’t make it top of the line. The other CoolTec models are really the same just with different colors and accessories. That said, it performs as well as a Series 3, with the addition of a cooling feature that feels good and helps reduce skin irritation.


Image of Braun CT5cc, Shaver CoolTec Men’s Shaving Kit

Braun LS 5160

Braun LS 5160

The Braun LS 5160, also known in some places as Braun Silk Epil 5160 or Braun Silk & Soft 5160, is a decent middle-of-the-pack ladies electric shaver. It’s attractive and offers a close shave in the shower or on the go.

Basic Features


This ladies shaver is a wet/dry, floating foil, cordless model with a bikini trimmer and other attachments. Beyond that plain description lies a number of fine features and welcome performance.


You can use the LS 5160 in the shower or even rinse the head under the water for easy cleaning. What’s not so obvious is just how well-sealed the body is. It keeps the motor isolated so there’s never any worry about it conking out after a thorough drenching.

Floating Foil

It is pretty much what the phrase says. This shaver is a foil type, rather than rotary. Rather than rehearse the age-old and never-ending battle about which is better, I’ll just assume you’re interested in this type. Just to give away the ending: they’re both just fine. If a particular foil has good blades – as this one does – you’ll be happy with a foil shaver.


True, rotaries have some advantages. But when it comes to closeness with an electric shaver, it’s hard to beat a foil. A rotary can sometimes be better at getting into the smaller nooks and crannies, but a floating head helps a lot to compensate. That’s certainly true here. The head is also rounded on this model, making it relatively easy for this foil design to get deep into those concave areas like underarms.

Soft Strip

There is an integrated SoftStrip, a nice little extra that helps keep the dreaded razor burn at bay. It keeps the skin taut for a smoother shave and helps the foil with the job of lifting hair to get a truly-close-to-the-skin shave. That’s always a problem with electric shavers and it’s wonderful that Braun has tried to address that in such a low-cost model.


The SoftStrip works in conjunction with something the company calls EasyGlide. I’m not fond of marketing buzzwords and there is a bit of that here. But the honeycomb cushion structure does assist the shaver in reducing irritation.

All in all, because of those sharp blades and floating head in combination with the floating longhair trimmer you’ll get a clean shave, whether for legs or underarms. And, because they’re quality components, there’s no uncomfortable tugging or razor rash, when used properly.

3 Attachments: OptiTrim – OptiShave – Exfoliation

That same close shave is obtainable too in those more delicate areas, thanks to the attachable bikini trimmer that Braun calls the OptiTrim. Personally, I prefer a trimmer that’s integrated with the shaver itself. That’s just my natural impatience combined with a certain amount of clumsiness in putting attachments on. Still, at this low price, I can’t complain (too much). It’s certainly easy to make a clean line with this model.

The OptiShave attachment for legs seems quite unnecessary, though. It’s designed to help you shave at the ideal angle, and I suppose if you need that, well ok. But you can do a fine job with the unadorned shaver without any extra help. Still, it’s there if you want it.

This lady shaver also includes a third attachment – a unique skin smoothing attachment that gently scrubs the skin to remove dead skin particles, revitalizing the skin for a smooth, radiant appearance.

Charging System

I probably shouldn’t include the words “charging system” in the section title because there isn’t one. The LS 5160 uses two AA batteries for power providing up to 90 minutes shaving time approximately. I include those words because you can, after all, use rechargeable AA batteries rather than disposables.

That points to something I’m not entirely happy about with this model. I wish it had an integrated rechargeable battery. It’s not just a matter of price. That doesn’t necessarily require a separate charging system, just a particular kind of cord. That said, again harking back to the low price of this model, I suppose if they had to pinch pennies someplace this is a good place.

On the upside, there’s no need to fuss with a charger when you want to take this little lovely on the road. You just pack it and go. If you run out of juice while you’re away you can just pop in a new pair of ordinary AA batteries; no need even to remember to take a cord.

That being so, it would have been nice if Braun included a travel case, even a very simple one. Still, I don’t find it too hard to come up with a cloth or leather bag to slide it into, so it’s not a major drawback.


Ladies’ electric shavers, just like the men’s, range from brutal to brilliant. The Braun LS 5160, is right in the middle of that range. It offers a close shave with little to no irritation and travels easily. It lacks a few features it would be nice to have – like an integrated rechargeable battery and onboard bikini trimmer. But overall, at this modest price, it’s a fine product.


Image of Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver

Braun Series 7 760cc-4

Braun 760cc (760cc-4)

The Braun 760cc (760cc-4) shaver is part of Braun’s super premium Series 7 line. It’s amazingly well developed. But, then, Braun has a long history of making superb electric shavers and the 760cc is a good case in point.


Series 7 Innovations


For those who would rather skip the long version just watch the video below to get Braun’s Series 7 shaving technology summarized in under 3 minutes.


The 760cc packs several innovations into a comfortable, sturdy case that’s easy to hold even when wet. Foremost among them is something the company calls Pulsonic Technology.


The name may be somewhat lame, but it is descriptive. Vibrations of 10,000 cycles per minute ripple your skin ever-so-slightly. In theory, the blades then come along and ride over the top of those little hills to more-closely whack whiskers.

Sounds great, but does it work? Experience suggests the answer: yes.

There may be other factors at work, for sure. Great blades, a well-designed foil and head, and other characteristics are practically Braun trademarks. But for whatever reasons, this shaver does seem even better than their usual fine product.

All the Series 7 Braun models offer three different shaving modes: Extra Sensitive, Normal, and Intensive. Frankly, I can’t detect any significant difference between the three in terms of how they shave. Maybe I have leather for skin, but I doubt it.

I do notice a difference from the ActiveLift technology. This Braun raises hair that lies flat so it can be better clipped. At least, I think I notice. Without running very careful engineering and usability tests it’s dubious to ascribe an effect to one thing. But this new model does seem to outdo past ones, especially with that difficult to get stuff on the lower neck.

Present also is the company’s OptiFoil head covering. The hole pattern may or may not be better than the other guy’s but one thing is for sure: it works. Of course it helps to have excellent blades underneath and every Braun I’ve ever used has. This one is no exception.


Clean and Renew System

Next in line of useful features is the Clean and Renew system. Here the name is unusually subdued, stating clearly only what it does without buzzwords. They should’ve bragged more. It’s superb.


Granted, the idea is far from unprecedented. Cleaning systems for electric razors have been around for a while now. Braun alone has been doing one for 10 years. But the implementation here is first rate.

An alcohol-based solution is poured into a container at the base of the stand that holds the 760cc in place. But the solution and the method is new and they really work well together. It even smells good, like fresh lemons.

The system moves the stubbles into the cleaning cartridge. It automatically charges the razor while it’s being cleaned. The solution lubes everything up nicely while cleaning. And, because the body housing the motor is completely sealed you don’t have to worry if some liquid flows up a little too high. At the end, a heating system dries the blades.

Best of all, apart from replacing the cartridge from time to time, you really don’t have to do anything. 

You tap the button and walk away. Also, this clever little thing keeps track of the last time you performed the cleaning cycle. It will select the best cleaning program for you, too, if you want.


Clean & Renew Refills

That cleaning system might be more trouble than it was worth if you had to refresh it frequently. Luckily, that’s not the case here. The cartridge lasts through many cleanings. For most users, replacing it once or twice per season will do the trick.

It’s not tough to do when required. A red light illuminates when there are five cleaning cycles left. That gives you some warning about an upcoming need to change the cartridge. You press a button and lift the whole thing out. Just dump the tiny plastic case in the trash and insert a new one in the base.

The cost of new Clean & Renew cartridges isn’t outrageous, though granted you bought an electric thinking you’d never have to buy anything to go with it. You don’t, of course. You don’t have to use the cleaning system; you can always clean the shaver like any other with the little brush included. But for around $20 per year, this is a very inexpensive, quick and low-hassle way to keep your 760cc in top working order.

One potential downside is that the system isn’t sealed. If you think you can save a little by cleaning less often, forget it. The cleaning fluid will evaporate even if not used.

There is one workaround. You can remove the cartridge, replace the original plastic tab over the hole, then replace the case when you want to clean. That’s a lot of bother to save a few dollars per year, in my book. Let your budget – and patience – be your guide.

In theory, you could make your own solution and inject it into the cartridge. Denatured alcohol and lemon juice in bulk are super cheap. You could even add silicone lubricant. But you should count your labor as worth something and this really is carrying things too far, imho.

Battery Life

One thing I really like about the 760cc has nothing to do with the quality of the shave or maintenance at all: the battery.

With the Li-Ion model in this razor you can recharge from completely dead to full in about an hour. That provides about 50 minutes of cordless shaving. You can see how discharged the razor is when it’s sitting in the cleaning system/charging base. A dial displays the charge status in five 20% increments.

But I like the other aspect of this battery-charging system much better. Plug it in for five minutes and you get enough juice for a quick, cordless shave.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve neglected to put a shaver into a charger. Yes, my wife isn’t too thrilled with that unfortunate habit, either. When I do forget, I just plug the Braun in and wait a few minutes and I’m ready to go. For a guy who really hates the embarrassment of his wife being ready to leave before him, that’s a nice feature.


The Braun Series 7 760cc shaver is a bit pricey. But when you add up all the razors you buy in five years, the score pretty much evens up. Add in the superb quality of the shaver and cleaning system, and the excellent shave, and it looks far better.


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